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As a remote online notary, we simplify notarial acts securely and conveniently from any location online. No more traditional hassles – say goodbye to physical presence requirements. Online notarization is performed at your convenience, from the comfort of your home or office, saving valuable time. Our efficient and reliable services ensure your documents meet all legal requirements.

Why Us?: Secure, Swift, and Super Convenient.

Secure and Compliant

Our online process ensures your documents are guarded with the highest security protocols. Our RON services adhere to all state regulations, providing you with a secure and legally recognized notarization process.

Convenience Tailored for You

Your schedule, your terms. Embrace the convenience of notarizing documents from anywhere. No more office hours or endless queues – just seamless service on your clock.

Flash-Speed Notarization

Need it yesterday? Our swift online notarization gets the job done at the speed of now. No more waiting – just fast, efficient service.

About Us

Our Notary Tale: Discover the Story Behind the Virtual Seal

Step into our virtual realm. In addition to a trusted notary public legacy spanning almost a decade, our notary, Kimberly Brilliant has been navigating the virtual business landscape long before it became the norm. As the brains behind a cool virtual assistant business and the go-to virtual Registered Paralegal for a small law firm, her superpower is making online transactions, including remote notarization, a breeze while bringing a feeling of in-person warmth to every interaction Skip the boring stuff; let’s make your notarization journey easy and totally stress-free.


Our Fans Say It Best: Why We Rock in the Market!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kimberly Brilliant, a Florida Registered Paralegal, for 11 years. Recently. She expanded her expertise to include acting as a certified RON under her company, Brilliant Virtual Assistant, Inc. Her professionalism and attention to detail shine in every transaction. As an attorney, I recognize the significance of secure and legally sound notarizations. Kimberly’s dual role as a Florida Registered Paralegal adds a layer of legal understanding to the notarial process without crossing into the realm of providing legal advice. Kimberly’s RON services have transformed my practice, providing a seamless and secure process for clients from the comfort of their own spaces. I highly recommend Kimberly for reliable and efficient RON services, making transactions easy and convenient.

Allen Jacobi

Attorney at Law

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